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February 19, 2017
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February 19, 2017

Kannada Christian Songs Mobile App

We have seen that Kannada Christian songs are rarely available on internet and many churches needed lyrics to be written and presented at their churches, few people who do not know how to read Kannada are struggling a lot to sing Kannada songs and few Artists wants to sell their songs to Kannada community but due to no such services available many people are struggling. So by keeping all these in mind, we have developed a single App for Karnataka with all these features to fulfill all the needs of our Kannada people.

We have collected most of the Kannada Christian songs and We are not selling them nor allow them to be downloaded without the permission from artists but we will help artists to sell their songs and albums from our Application.

You can listen to each and every song freely and by registering with us, you can make friendship with other Kannada speaking people on the Community, Chat, friend requests and stay updated with latest songs and posts, Collect your favorite songs and many more features like Facebook. Please bless this ministry and help us reach Kannada people around the world.

App Features:

1. Kannada Audio songs and Lyrics in both Kannada and English phonetic translation.
2. Search - Advanced search features ( you can search with Kannada and English alphabets)
3. Dynamic App, New songs will be updated everyday.
4. Artists - Learn more about your favorite Artists
5. Genres - We have divided songs in few categories like Gospel songs, Worship songs, Christmas songs etc
6. Videos - We also providing video presentations for churches
7. Free Downloads - Many Kannada people around the globe shares their stuff here.
8. Kannada Community - Largest Kannada Speaking people community, you can send friend requests to anyone and add them to your favorite.
9. Personal profile - Like Facebook, you can chat , update your status, profile pics, cover pics, Collect your favorite songs and many more features.
10. Buying and selling - Users can buy albums and artists can sell their songs here ( under progress )